It's been a few months now since the BBC website removed it's find-a-track service. This has been a double-edged sword for 6bot. Whilst it increases the need to use 6bot, it's also removed the main source of the data 6bot used.

We've switched to an alternative source for the data:

However, we've noticed that it can be a bit flakey: it sometimes can't make up it's mind whether to send the play time as GMT or BST, and although it's meant to contain the past hour's worth of tracks, songs are sometime missing.

As a result, the number of songs captured each day has reduced (for some days) after we switched to using this data.

Because of this, we've added more backfill routines to plug some of these gaps. The backfill process is automated, and will take a few days / weeks to insert the missing tracks.